Nexus 7 or Kindle paperwhite?

I’m addicted to iOS… iPhone, iPod touch, iPad… But I don’t like reading books on these… iPhone/iPod are too small… iPad, too big/bright… But what alternative to get? Kindle Paperwhite looks great, but if I get the Nexus7, I can still browse the web when needed or watch a movie/tvseries when I want… But I can do that with my iDevices too… Hmmm how good is the new android… And will google books be worth it in belgium? More ereader apps than locking myself into the kindle-spectrum… And what about the sony readers??

It’s not easy to decide… Or should i try other settings on the iPad? But still it’s so big… Hmmm…

Think think think…

Update: I’ve decided not to go for any e-reader… Fiddled with one in a shop and found it annoyingly slow (but it was the cheapest SONY model?) maybe I will get the Nexus7 (3G) as extra tablet on the move… No iPad mini for me, that’s to expensive vs a real iPad…

  1. Tom said:

    having the same decision out here in Austria. Since Amazon doenst have that much book titles in German i thin kabout other opportunities too. The main problem is power consumption. With Nexus and other same kind of tablets u’ll get up to 7-8 hours of reading and u’ll need to plug it to the net. On the other hand, paperwhite lasts with lights on up to 8 weeks. Thats a difference for me. I still have time to think about it, since its available in Austria from th 22th of November. As u said: u want to read and browse, but u can also browse on iOS stuff, so just use your paperwhite only for reading 🙂

    regards from Vienna,Austria

    • Interesting, the lack of dutch content is allso one of my doubts… On android/iOS you get more options and works too 😉 and if I get an paperwhite I’ll have to bring one from the us… Unavailable in belgium (for now)

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